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Thank you for considering Planet Group Realty Inc. Reasons why you should Join Our Team. Approx 5000 square feet of newly built, well appointed and well equipped office with 17 individual and team offices, self contained fully furnished offices with separate fax, telephone and internet lines with the latest technology to satisfy the needs of the local and global real estate markets. Professional and Proficient Administrative Support Staff and Managing Broker with a combined real estate experience of over 30 years. They know the profession and they know what is needed, minute by minute, hour by hour, day to day to ensure you are taken care of in a timely and accurate way. A group of services all under one roof! Commercial Real Estate experience, Residential Real Estate Experience, Property Management Professionals, Overseas investment professionals. On-site Banking! We welcome one of Canada’s most prestigious banking organization to do on-site banking for clients seeking every time of banking advice up to but not including withdrawal of funds. On-site Human Resources/Recruitment with direct knowledge of team building for recruitment and hiring of Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate assistants and other professionals needed to assist you grow your business. Professional Common Area with all new technology, furnishings and ample space to enjoy your time spent in the office. Competitive and excellent fee schedule that we know makes sense and is economical. On-Going support and professional training to assist you in the day to day support you need, long term goal setting and achieving, and general rules, regulations and knowledge to become an even better Real Estate Professional. Excellent Branding and consideration of policy and procedure to ensure uniform imaging with an up to date edge. Simply, we are still open to improving constantly and practice, honest and open communication. We are diligent to ensure all practices are ethical, compliant and of the highest standard.